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Being part of USN’s line-up of ambassadors makes you a member of a highly exclusive club of athletes and fitness pros who travel the world to compete and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. As you’d expect, opportunities to join that club don’t come around often – so it’s vital to throw your hat in the ring when they do.

Right now, USN is on the hunt for a male and a female ambassador to join their team on a one-year contract, and the company is casting the net far and wide to find the perfect two people for the job. If you’re passionate about any aspect of sport, fitness or even just living a healthy life, and have the drive to light a spark in others, USN wants to hear from you.

So what does it take to succeed in the role? To find out, check out this advice from current USN ambassadors Dominique Binns and Mark Hoban.

What are the key qualities required of a USN ambassador?

DB: You need to be self-motivated and approachable, and it’s key to put out a positive message and represent what USN is about, which is not just fitness – it’s health, happiness and being motivated. It’s being the best version of yourself and helping others to become their best selves.

MH: You’ve got to have a real love for health and fitness, and you certainly need to be passionate about the brand – what USN is, what it stands for, and the products it actually sells. You have to offer something for the brand. It’s not just about the brand offering something to you.

What do you think made USN pick you to be an ambassador?

DB: When I first started with USN, I worked full-time in banking, I was studying for a university degree and I was training to compete. I was managing all that very well and I think that made me stand out. I was ambitious – I wanted to make a name for myself in the industry and help inspire other young women, to show them that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle and be into fitness while still achieving in other areas of life.

MH: I was in a TV series travelling around the world for Discovery Channel and the BBC, competing against tribal people and other athletes at their own sports. That’s how I built my reputation. And then USN realised that I was using its products. That’s how I started. You need to have a love for the brand, you need to know what the brand is and you need to use the products.

What is your approach to fitness?

MH: I live a normal life – everything in moderation, and that’s a healthy image rather than a constantly dieted image. I want to be a role model for the everyday person who has a full-time job – which is what I’ve got, I’m head of physical education at a secondary school – and making that image achievable. So someone can say, “Actually I can look like that, even though I’ve got a full-time job.”

DB: I think my approach to fitness is making sure I get something done every day to make me feel good, including eating well, training hard and just making sure that I challenge myself every day. It’s about being fit and healthy, but not letting it take over your life and becoming obsessive. And understanding that life sometimes gets in the way and not putting pressure on yourself to be perfect, because nobody’s perfect!

What has been your favourite parts of being an ambassador?

DB: The best part is the opportunity it gives you to meet people and the places it puts you. You get to speak to people that you wouldn’t necessarily come across otherwise – I got into coaching and working in the fitness industry through USN. And then there’s the opportunity to compete around the world and represent USN at different events.

MH: I think the best bit for me is reaching out to people, giving them advice and being a role model for the everyday gym-goer.

Apply at faceof.usn.co.uk before Friday 1st December 2017

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