Summer Gym Essentials

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The Pulseball Vibrating Massage Ball releases knots and reduces pain in sore areas that other foam rollers cannot reach. Its internal three-speed vibrating motor helps to promote better circulation, reduce muscle stiffness and boost your recovery. £89.99,

Moose Juice ExtremeEnergy

Want extra energy and focus without the crash? Moose Juice Extreme Energy is ZERO sugar, has added BCAAs and B vitamins, and tastes amazing. When you need extra energy, get a Boost from the Moose! RRP £1.69,

Kick-Start CaffeineGum

Kick-Start Caffeine Gum is a gym bag essential for anyone who is looking for an instant energy boost. Caffeine is regarded as one of the most beneficial sports supplements thanks to the potential performance- enhancing benefits it can provide. Each piece provides 100mg of caffeine and is absorbed in as little as ten to 15 minutes – perfect for before or during exercise.

Enertor Insoles

Enertor Insoles are worn by the world’s top athletes, from Premier League footballers to Olympic champions including Usain Bolt – and they’re proven to reduce injuries. They’ve undergone testing by the Marines and now they are the only shock- absorbing insoles used by the military. The full-length Comfort Insole is £24.99, while Performance with arch support is £29.99. Available at WiggleAmazon and

Pulsin Flavoured ProteinPowders

Increasing your protein intake just got tastier thanks to Pulsin’s new natural flavoured protein powders. The delicious vanilla whey and chocolate pea powders are available in 250g pouches and handy 25g single serve sachets. Simply mix with milk or water and enjoy. RRP £14.99 (250g) and £1.99 (25g). Available from Boots, health stores and

Gola X-PandSwift

The X-Pand Swift is the latest shoe in Gola’s running collection. This revolutionary style features a one-piece laser-cut water-repellent knit upper, and uses pressure-foaming technology to create a high-resilience midsole that provides superior cushioning. With a Gait System Technology support bar to help stabilise the midfoot on impact and through transition, it gives more rebound to enhance any runner’s performance. £65, available from July,

Creative OutlierONE

Don’t let wires hold you back. Block out distractions with superior audio and work out wirelessly with the sweat-proof Creative Outlier ONE Bluetooth headphones. With nine and a half hours of battery life, they keep you going even when everything else has stopped. £29.99,

The HiLo Bar

The HiLo Bar is a high- protein, low-sugar protein bar packed full of flavour with a soft and chewy texture. It contains 20g of protein, the beneficial amount to help your body build and maintain muscle mass, and less than 2g of sugar, making The HiLo Bar truly worthy of its name.