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Are you an aspiring or ambitious personal trainer or fitness industry professional who wants to stand out from the competitive crowd? Or are you someone who wants to live a fitter, healthier and happier life by learning about the best ways to eat for better physical and mental health?

If you fall into either of these camps then you can learn about nutrition and successful habit change from the best in the business at Precision Nutrition’s only UK event of 2017. It will be held on the weekend of the 10th and 11th June in central London and as a reader of Coach you can save more than 50% on the weekend ticket price. All you need to do is use the coupon code COACH50 at checkout on ironlifelive.com to get your weekend ticket to this prestigious event for just £149.

About Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition is the world’s leading nutrition education provider, helping 40,000 fitness professionals advance their careers, and 50,000 clients achieve their fat loss and performance goals.

The weekend will be hosted by two of Precision Nutrition’s senior educators – Brian St Pierre and Adam Feit – and by attending you will learn their proven methods to take your nutritional knowledge to the next level to get better and more consistent results with clients, and with your own body.

What you’ll learn by attending the Precision Nutrition weekend seminar:

  • Understand human metabolism and get the final word on calorie counting
  • Properly assess clients to give them a plan that gets results
  • Navigate through real-world obstacles to keep clients on track
  • Deploy advanced dietary strategies for accelerated muscle gain and fat loss
  • Use advanced approaches to macronutrient manipulation to break through plateaus
  • Empower your clients to make sustainable change
  • Have critical conversations with your clients, and discover when you need to have them
  • Deal with resistant clients, and know what to do when a client fights back

About The Speakers

Brian St Pierre

Brian is the Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition. He has a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, a masters in Food Science and Human Nutrition and was previously the head sports nutritionist at Cressey Sports Performance. He is the author of four nutrition books and a regular contributor to the world’s biggest fitness magazines.

Adam Feit

Adam is the Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition at Precision Nutrition. He is an adjunct professor at Rocky Mountain University and the Director of Sports Performance at RYPT. He has previously worked as part of the Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition team for the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and is a Chicago, Kentucky and Delaware’s Strongest Man winner.

To secure your weekend ticket for just £149 – a saving of more than 50% – simply go to ironlifelive.com/get-tickets and remember to enter discount code COACH50 at checkout.

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