Upgrader diary: fitness model - part 2

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I’ve been training for years and though I’m in good shape, the finely tuned physique of a fitness model has been just out of reach. I was ecstatic when I found out my Upgrader coach would be Shaun Stafford – not only is he a fitness model, he’s one of the best in the country. If anyone can get me to the next level, it’s him.

Shaun created a tailored plan drawing from nearly a decade coaching clients and athletes. It’s all about stripping the training back to basics and doing the right exercises with the correct range of motion and tempo. I thought I knew my way around a gym pretty well, but it turns out I haven’t been going as hard as I thought I was and, more importantly, as hard as Shaun expects me to.

I followed Shaun's plan for a week before meeting up with him for our first training session together. He absolutely killed me in 45 minutes. It was a great session, but definitely one the toughest I’ve ever had. It made for an interesting walk to the Underground afterwards. Thankfully, I’ve also been sorted out with a load of Optimum Nutrition products as well as a nutrition plan. The Gold Standard 100% Whey definitely came in handy after that session.

Shaun’s got me training five times a week, doing four weights sessions and one cardio. A lot of it is supersets of upper-body and lower-body moves, which is tough, but it's a new way of training that I’m enjoying. I like having such a rigid structure to follow, and knowing it’s tried and tested helps too. Rest times and tempo are a big factor, and they help me focus. I'm also out of the gym in 45 minutes to an hour, rather than spending an hour and a half wandering around without a real aim.

So far I haven't seen any significant strength or muscle mass gains, but I'm definitely losing body fat – I weigh less every day. I'm excited about the next phase of my training plan. Bring it on!

Coach’s verdict

‘Overall I’m very happy with how Matt’s getting on,’ says Shaun Stafford. ‘He has a good work ethic and seems very dedicated to achieving his goal, which is a big part of it. If he carries on training hard and sticking to the plan, I’m confident that within six weeks he’ll be noticeably stronger and bigger. And after six months, he’ll have totally transformed.’

Coach Staff

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