Never stop hugging

man with new born baby
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When was the last time you shared a hug with your father, brother or son? The stoicism we adopt when confronting emotional expression affects men of all ages, and is much more than just an issue relating to the always-changing paradigm of masculinity. The simple act of giving or receiving a hug can be a real taboo, even between father and son. 

The contact between babies and their parents is usually constant from the moment they’re born, and a hug is as nurturing as it is instinctive. It’s no surprise that demonstrations of affection create close bonds, fostering a sense of safety, acceptance and love in children. But as children grow up, a hug becomes a handshake and then hardly a touch at all, creating not only a physical distance but an emotional one. Why does this disconnect occur, and more importantly, how can we get back to embracing those we love after so long?

It’s an often neglected conversation, but one that Fairy Non Bio tackles head-on in this compelling short. In addition to exploring the emotional impact a lack of contact can have between a father and son, it also reveals how remarkable it can be to rediscover the power of a hug.

Rooted in their passion for huggably soft clothes, Fairy Non Bio champion the idea that touch is challenging parents and children of all ages to #NeverStopHugging.

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