Triathlon tips

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Tip 1: Work hard on the things you hate

‘Triathlon performance is related to all three disciplines, not just your favourite,’ says Whyte. ‘Maintaining your strong events while working hard to improve the weaker elements of your triathlon will produce the greatest gains in performance.’

Tip 2: Make up time with less effort

‘You can lose significant amounts of time in transitions. Practising your transitions will improve your technique and enhance your physiological and psychological response, leading to a faster transition to race pace. Brick training, where you switch from one discipline to another within one training session, is critical and can improve performance for little additional effort.’

Tip 3: Recovery is the key

'When planning your training don’t forget one of the most important elements: recovery. Maintaining quality in your sessions will optimise the training stimulus. A well-planned taper providing optimal recovery is fundamental to optimal competition performance. Never panic-train in the two weeks leading up to the event – you won’t improve performance, but you could destroy it by not giving your body a chance to rest properly.’

Tip 4: Protein for recovery

‘Protein intake is vital during training, particularly for post-session re-fuelling to support muscle growth and recovery. Ideally, go for real food – high-protein strained yoghurt such as Chobani has the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates, so it makes an ideal post-workout snack. The protein supplies amino acids to repair muscles and the carbohydrates replace your muscles’ depleted energy stores. Try making this berry banana smoothie for a post-training snack that has all your body needs for optimum recovery – with the added bonus of tasting amazing.’

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