9 Things All Healthy Men Keep on Their Work Desk

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Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

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Your 8am americano is fine for a morning jolt, but by lunch you’re on your way to Caffeine Crash Town. This powdered green tea packs more caffeine but releases it slowly, meaning performance without jitters – or sleepless nights after a late-afternoon hit.

£9.99 bulkpowders.co.uk


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Greasy hair is a giveaway that you’ve been out all night. A spritz of this shower in a can strips away oil and provides volume, so you look like you’ve had eight hours, not eight pints.

£2.99 boots.com

Vitamin D Tablets


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Low levels of this vitamins have been linked to everything from dementia to cancer and depression. Since it’s produced when sunshine hits your skin, most Brits are deficient. Pop a pill in the morning for a brighter outlook.

£17.99, hollandandbarrett.com

Hand Balm


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Frequent washing cracks skin for unshakeable hands. Undo the dryness with this hardcore mitt moistener, which promises it could cure the cracks in the Grand Canyon. Now you just need to work on how hard you squeeze.

£19, aesop.com

Liquid bandage


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Whether you’ve lacerated your hands grabbing an overloaded barbell or a stack of razor-edged paper, just paint on this antibacterial liquid to speed up the healing process. It beats trying to dig out the always-empty first aid kit.

£15.50, amazon.co.uk 

Face Wipes


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Hot commutes mean shiny skin and the blocked pores that cause breakouts. Like stowing your bathroom sink in your desk drawer, these wipe away the horrors of early-morning trains, without any artificial gunk to dry out your skin.

£14.75, dermalogica.co.uk

Haemorrhoid Cream


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Not for that. When an all-nighter (either at your desk or your local) leaves you looking like you’ve gone eight rounds with Manny Pacquiao, dab this on under your eyes to tighten blood vessels and send bags packing.

£6.29, boots.com