What Are The CrossFit Quarterfinals 2024 Workouts?

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The CrossFit Quarterfinals 2024 workouts have been revealed, and they’re a notable step-up from the Open tests before them. 

The four workouts were announced to athletes via email on Wednesday, April 17. Combined, they aim to test the strength, gymnastic skill and stamina of those tackling them. 

The top 25% of male and female CrossFit Open finishers have been invited to participate in this year's CrossFit Quarterfinals. This is up from the top 10% in previous years, meaning the 2024 Quarterfinals are set to be bigger than ever before. 

Here’s everything you need to know if you’re taking part. 

What Are The CrossFit Quarterfinals 2024 Workouts?

Workout One

Four rounds for max repetitions of:

  • One minute of barbell snatches (135lb/61kg barbell for men, 85lb/38kg barbell for women)
  • One minute of rowing (for calories)
  • One minute of dumbbell box step-ups (50lb/22.5kg dumbbells for men, 35lb/15kg dumbbells for women, both use a 20in box)
  • One minute of rest

Set a running clock. In the first minute complete as many snatches as you can, in the second minute rack up as many rowing calories as you can, in the third minute perform as many double dumbbell box step-ups as you can, then rest in the fourth minute.

Repeat this for three rounds. Your score is the total number of reps you are able to complete.

Revealing the workouts via an Instagram Live, CrossFit’s competition director Adrian Bozman says this first test is an “homage to Fight Gone Bad”—a classic CrossFit workout that follows a similar “max-reps in a minute” format.

“The best [athletes] are probably going to have pretty even reps across each those movements, and the rest of us are going to have one that really plays to our strength and some others that don't,” says Bozman.

Workout Two

Three rounds for time (20-minute time cap): 

  • Wall ball x50 (20lb/9kg ball to a 10-foot target for men, 14lb/6kg ball to a 9-foot target for women)
  • Lateral burpee box jump-over x50 (24in box for men, 20in box for women)

There’s not much to explain here. Perform 50 wall balls then 50 lateral burpee box jump-overs, and repeat this for three total rounds as fast as possible.

Your score is the time it takes you to finish all 300 reps, or the total number of reps you've completed if you hit the 20-minute time cap before reaching the finish line.

“It’s a straight-up grinder,” says Bozman. He says that, after featuring smaller chunks of burpees in the Open, the programming team wanted to “add reps, so [the sets] are more aggressive, and see who could hang on.”

Workout Three

For time (15-minute time cap):

  • Handstand push-up x10
  • Toes-to-bar x20
  • Handstand push-up x10
  • Toes-to-bar x20
  • Handstand push-up x10
  • Toes-to-bar x20
  • Strict handstand push-up x10
  • Rope climb x5 (15ft)
  • Strict handstand push-up x10
  • Rope climb x5 (15ft)
  • Chest-to-wall handstand push-up x10
  • Muscle-up x20

This is a gymnastic test, with the exercises ascending in difficulty as you progress through the workout.

There are three pairs of exercises, with the first pair (handstand push-ups and toes-to bar) performed for three rounds, the second pair (strict handstand push-ups and rope climbs) performed for two rounds, and the final pair (chest-to-wall handstand push-ups and muscle-ups) performed for one round.

Your score is the time it takes you to complete the workout, or the number of reps you complete if you don't finish it within the time cap.

“This is going to be a big separator for a lot of people,” says Bozman. “It’s a lot of gymnastic movements, so let’s see who can bust them out. [This is a] personal favorite of the set for me.”

Workout Four

As many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 10 minutes of:

  • Clean and jerks x10 (135lb/61kg for men, 85lb/38kg for women)
  • Rest for one minute
  • Clean and jerk x10 (185lb/83kg for men, 125lb/56kg for women)
  • Rest for one minute 
  • Clean and jerk x10 (225lb/102kg for men, 155lb/70kg for women)
  • Rest for one minute
  • Max-reps of clean and jerks in remaining time (245lb/111kg for men, 165lb/75kg for women). 

For this final workout, start a rolling clock and get to work.

Begin with 10 clean and jerks at the first (and lightest) weight. Once you’ve finished these, you’ll take a mandatory one-minute rest before moving on to 10 clean and jerks at the second weight.

Take another mandatory minute of rest once these are completed, then work through 10 clean and jerks at the third weight before sitting back for another mandatory 60-second breather.

In whatever time remains of the 10 minutes after this, complete as many clean and jerks as you can at the fourth and heaviest weight (245lb/111kg for men, 165lb/75kg for women).

Your score is the number of clean and jerks you’ve completed when the clock hits 10 minutes.

“Finally, we have a strength endurance test,” says Bozman. “For those among us that are in that bottom percentile [in the CrossFit Open leaderboard] that just snuck in [to the CrossFit Quarterfinals], it’s going to be about how many you can get at that final bar.

“For the best [athletes] we’re going to see some amazing numbers there—there are going to be some real shootouts happening.”

When Are The CrossFit Quarterfinals 2024 Score Submission Deadlines?

There are two submission deadlines to remember for the 2024 CrossFit Quarterfinals. 

The scores for the first two workouts are due by 5pm PDT on Saturday, April 20 (1am BST on Sunday, April 21). 

Then the submission deadline for workouts three and four is 5pm PDT on Monday, April 22 (1am BST on Tuesday, April 23). 

The submitted scores will be reviewed before Monday, April 29, and the CrossFit Games team will publicly announce the results once the leaderboard has been finalized. 

How To Submit CrossFit Quarterfinals Scores

Scores can be submitted on the CrossFit Games website or app, as with the CrossFit Open. Workouts can be completed in any order so long as the scores are submitted before their respective deadlines. 

In an email sent to those who have qualified for the event, CrossFit encourages athletes to use a judge who has completed its 2024 Judges Course. 

The company also says that “the top 60 male and female athletes will be required to submit video recordings of all workouts should they wish to proceed to Semifinals”. 

On top of this, people who edit their submitted video “in any way risk disqualification”, and all scores must be uploaded before the submission deadlines listed above to be valid. 

What Is The CrossFit Quarterfinals?

The CrossFit Quarterfinals is the second stage of the competitive CrossFit season, after the CrossFit Open.

More than 343,500 people took part in this year’s CrossFit Open—an online fitness competition in which people across the world tackle three workouts over three weeks and submit their scores to a worldwide leaderboard. 

The top 25% of male and female athletes from the CrossFit Open earn the right to compete in the Quarterfinals, which is a second online stage taking place the following month. 

The top 40 men and women from each region (North America West, North America East, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and South America) are then invited to the CrossFit Semifinals. 

These are a series of in-person competitions spanning mid-May to early June, designed to decide which 40 men and women will compete at the CrossFit Games (the pinnacle of the sport) in Fort Worth, Texas, this August. 

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