MF picks the best bike gadgets

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Selle Italia SLR XC Gel Flow Saddle


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As all quality MTB saddles should be, the SLR XC Gel Flow is both comfortable and super light at just 170g. It also has silicone gel inserts to lessen impact, while its patented anatomic cutout design relieves perineal pressure. By using Kevlar and a vanadium/titanium alloy for increased durability, industry veteran Selle Italia successfully blends new technology with classic Italian craftsmanship to create a MTB saddle that’s hard to beat. 


Inviscid Speedfil Complete Hydration System


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The Speedfil Hydration System gives cyclists the ability to hydrate while riding - without slowing down. A fluid tube with Camelbak-style bite valves rests on the handlebars for easy access, and the slim water container that attaches to the bike’s frame is tested in a wind tunnel to be as aerodynamic as possible. This is a definite improvement over traditional bottles and aerodynamics-unfriendly tri-bar mounted hydration systems.


POC Receptor+ Multi Sports Helmet


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Whether hurtling downhill on a MTB or getting air on a BMX, a high-quality helmet is an absolute necessity. The Receptor+ has a double shell system for increased impact protection, which also creates airflow channels for ventilation, keeping your head cool in summer and warm in winter. Don’t let its high price put you off - the material used in the Receptor+ is literally bulletproof, so if you value your brain it’s a wise investment.


Felt AR1 2011 Frameset


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One of the finest road bike framesets available, the AR1 is the choice of the Felt team’s time-trial specialists because of its extraordinarily aerodynamic design. Made from nano carbon-fibre technology, the whole thing weighs in at little over a kilo but is still strong and rigid with impressive pedalling stiffness, ensuring as little energy is wasted as possible. This technical prowess is complimented by a stunning matt black design likely to attract envious looks from other road cyclists.


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