Folding bike reviews

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Moulton TSR 2 Belt Drive 2013


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The TSR 2 is a split bike rather than a fold-up. You break it into two parts by undoing a pin in the centre. And it doesn't have any cables to the rear or shifters – in other words it's all about simplicity of look and feel. The frame of the bike is extremely stiff but the adjustable suspension in the fork and rear triangle ensure a responsive and comfortable ride.


Brompton S2L 2013


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The frame of this bike is made from high-tensile steel, but shockingly still weighs in at under 11kg. The S-type handlebars, which have grips that are lower and further forwards than many other folding bikes, provide an aerodynamic riding position for extra speed. Th S2L has two gears – one for getting you started and one for cruising. It packs down brilliantly too so it doesn't rip your new trousers when you're carrying it.


Kansi 3 twenty

The 3 twenty weighs just 11kg, including pedals, so won't make your arms feel as if they're about to fall off when you're carrying it on the train. And it folds efficiently too thanks to its easy-to-manipulate levers. Avid brakes and three different gears mean it works well in rain and on hills, while its sleek aluminum frame keeps it aerodynamic and stylish. What's more, if you register your bike online, Kansi will send you a free Mykansi box, including coloured decals, grip collars and end caps. Coloured mudguards are also available so you can complete your customised look.



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This is one of the cheaper folding bikes available, yet it has many of the same qualities as its more expensive rivals. The Tern’s main selling point is its N-Fold technology, an innovative design that makes folding the bike simple: you undo a quick-release lever on the seat post, open the hinge on the handlebars and spin the front wheel 180°. The 50cm wheels ensure a smooth ride on pot holed city roads, and there are eight gears so you can tackle hilly terrain with ease.