Cycling Electric Is The New Magazine All About E-Bikes

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Do you have questions about about e-bikes. Questions like: What are they? How do they work? How fast do they go? How much do they cost to buy and run? What are the regulations surrounding them? All these questions and more are answered in Cycling Electric, a new magazine from the publisher of Coach.

Whether you’re looking to ease yourself into getting active again, continuing to explore long after your legs would normally have given up the ghost, or simply avoiding public transport during, er, a pandemic, then you’ll find everything you need to know inside.

The magazine provides in-depth details on a wide range of e-bike models, from commuter and folding bikes to road bikes and cargo bikes. It is a vital resource for anyone thinking of buying an e-bike for work or leisure.

E-bikes will play a significant role in the future of cycling, Cycling Electric is your ultimate guide to what’s coming.

It’s on sale 7th July, priced £5.99, from, WHSmith, Sainsbury’s and independent retailers.

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