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Don't blind innocent beach-goers with your milk-bottle body - invest in a good fake tan. 'Applying one coat daily a few days before your trip provides the perfect base colour,' says male grooming expert Jason Shankey ( 'Make sure you exfoliate first, especially your elbows and knees, and avoid exercising for eight hours afterwards. Sweat can cause streaking.'
'Go for a short style that's easy to look after when wet and don't bleach your hair the week before your trip,' says Shankey. 'Poorly treated pool water can contain traces of copper, which can add a green tinge to your barnet.'
Body hair
Shaving might be a quick and effective way of removing unwanted body hair but for longer-lasting results, waxing is a must. 'Wax your chest and back three to four days before your holiday, but always leave it to the professionals,' says Shankey. 'Improper waxing can lead to skin irritation, skin damage and ingrown hairs.'
'When cutting your toenails, always follow the contours,' says podiatric surgeon Emma Supple ( 'Use a pair of clippers to trim your claws and don't dig down at the corners of the nails. This breaks the important seal between the nail and the skin and lets in infections.'

Get the right style for your face shape. 'Oval-face men suit almost any style, while oval-shaped shades are good for softening a square jaw,' says celebrity stylist Laia Farran. 'Round-faced men should go for wide ones to make their faces look narrower.'
'Board shorts suit most physiques and more importantly can hide a multitude of sins,' says Farran. 'If you like a tan that doesn't finish at the knee, Speedo trunks are an option, but they do require confidence and a well-defined body, especially the quads.'
'When buying flip-flops go for a classic shape and colour,' says Farran. 'This makes them versatile, meaning you can wear them with board shorts in the day and smarter shorts or casual trousers in the evening.'

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