MF's top winter beanies

(Image credit: Unknown)

1. Burton Cash

This wool hat from Burton is ridiculously thick - perfect for keeping frostbite off your ears while skiing or snowboarding. In a classic example of function coming before fashion, it's not the most exciting looking hat, but that shouldn't really be a problem when it's covered in snow after you've slammed on that backcountry jump.

2. HUF Simple Pom

Another folded wooly hat, well, kind of, it's actually made of 100% acrylic but is still damn comfy - take that sheep! The pom on the top gives it a fun festive vibe, while the earthy colour scheme stops it from entering kitsch territory. It's not as thick as the other beanies, but should be plenty warm enough for whatever weather the UK's confused climate decides to throw at you in the coming months.

3. Brixton Carby

This acrylic roll-up beanie is the loudest of the bunch, requiring some serious sartorial confidence to pull it off. Just don't combine it with a yellow tee and black trousers or you'll look like the bastard offspring of a hipster and a bumble-bee. It's of a medium thickness, making it suitable for the coldest UK weather, but you may want to upgrade if you're heading somewhere really nippy.
We end with a nice little tip for you - if you don't want your beanies to shrink put them through a cold wash. The number of hats we've had come back as teapot warmers is an absolute travesty. 

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