The latest street-style T-shirts

(Image credit: PR)

1. Awake and Dressed, The Last Job

£29.99, A skeleton in a ninja mask. Isn't this just about the best T-shirt graphic ever? He could be the main baddy in a samurai horror film although the name of the tee implies he just probably wasn't a very good assassin and got his face melted off during his last job. We love T-shirts we can create a narrative around - fun! On a serious tip, this is a lightweight tee so is great to wear under thicker layers, plus the arm holes are a little bigger than average - perfect for the larger biceped gentleman i.e. most of you lot.

2. The Hundreds, Bon

£29.99, The Hundreds have put their hottest employee on this tee in what we can only assume is a bid to catch the eye of female-starved blokes who want to be close to pretty ladies in any way possible. Turns out it works. Not only is she cute but the picture's not one of those cheap vinyl prints that crack over time. FUN SUGGESTION: Pretend it's a picture of your girlfriend to impress strangers, or alternatively, team it with a beret, peer down your nose at people who ask about it and tell them it's too high concept for them to understand. Whatever floats your boat.

3. HUF, '89 Quake

£32, Whether you recognise the guy in the photo as skater Julien Stranger [one of the all-time greats], and know he's making use of a road damaged by the 1989 Californian monster quake to ollie over a barrier, or you're just a regular joe who likes the iconic street vibe of this cotton T-shirt, it's pretty damn cool. Also, the cotton used is heavy duty, so won't stretch or lose its shape for a while - a bugbear of ours.

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