Early winter jackets

Winter jackets
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Timberland - Benton Short Snorkel

Where protecting you from the elements is concerned, this parka-style jacket is the best of the bunch. Its waterproof and snug enough to keep you warm and dry in all the harshest winter storms and showers.

Dickies - Keane check jacket

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Dickies - Keane check jacket

As well as fresh street threads, Dickies have a rep for making durable industrial workwear. So it stands to reason that this cool check top is as tough and warm as it is stylish. Its nylon shell makes it lightweight and shower resistant, while its thick cuffs and neck panel keep out the chill.

Matix - Instinct

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Matix - Instinct

The warm fleece lining and heavy cotton shell in this hoodie-cum-jacket will keep you toastie throughout autumn and early winter. And best of all, the fur trim collar and oriental pattern lining make you look like a hip-hop ninja.

Addict - SMU Quilted Jacket

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Addict - SMU Quilted Jacket

This is the thinnest and lightest jacket here, but it still works well for the warmer pre-Christmas months thanks to its polyester thermal lining and a waterproof polyurethane coating. The onion-stitch quilting gives the jacket a cool, urban look and the under-arm eyelets will stop you from overheating.

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