MF's best tough gadgets

(Image credit: PR)

1) Garmin Dakota 20


Finding yourself lost on a hiking or bike trail can be a testing experience, so save yourself from making hours of wrong turns by getting your hands on the Dakota. Along with being light, waterproof and easy to mount on a bike, it provides super-accurate, fast-loading satellite navigation, a barometric altimeter and a three-axis electronic compass to help you get back to familiar surroundings with minimum hassle.

2) The ioSafe Rugged Portable Hard Drive


Even if you wanted to, damaging this device would be nigh on impossible - it can withstand fires of up to 1,550F and 30 days underwater at a depth of 30ft (9m). So if you’re looking to keep your files safe, in even the most ridiculously extreme circumstances, this rugged portable hard-drive will do the job.

3) Sony ZS-H10CP Heavy Duty CD Radio


Want a boombox that'll survive some serious knocks? Then you need Sony's ZS-H10CP. As well as a tough as a nails speaker guard, it's water- and dust-resistant, and has a protective safeguard bar to stop falling debris putting paid to any mountainside breakdance battles.

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