MF tests retro football boots

(Image credit: unknown)

1) Adidas World Cup SG

Made with lightweight Kangaroo leather that offers great ball control, these pared down Adidas World Cup boots are a minimalist classic. What's more, the formed heel unit gives the wearer a snug fit, and the removable studs mean that you can adapt them to match conditions in both the summer and winter months.
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2) Umbro Speciali SG

Distinctive thanks to enlarged Umbro logos plastered across the sides and fold-over tongues. They also offer good value for money and a adaptive Memory Flex outsole and removable studs. They’re best suited to soft or wet surfaces, but will see you through all the conditions encountered during the season.
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3) Puma King Top KL

Follow in the footsteps of Thierry Henry when he returned to The Emirates in January by stepping into these Puma King Top KL boots, constructed with responsive K-Leather and tough forefoot stitching to help you finish like the Frenchman. In addition to a comfortable fit with padded ankles and a shaped heel, they feature a durable moulded PU outsole.
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