MF tests cruiser skateboards

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Santa Cruz Land Shark Rasta Cruzer


This vibrantly coloured cruiser board from Californian skate company Santa Cruz brings a bit of sunshine into your life whatever the weather. The wide deck and soft, chunky wheels are perfect for cruising around town with no fear of getting stopped in your tracks by pesky stones or cracks in the asphalt. Though it’s not really intended for tricks, the tail has enough kick to pop up kerbs with no issue, and it even has a bottle opener in case you stop off in the park for a cooling beer.

Penny 2012 Retro Cruiser


Retro skateboards don’t get more classic than this cool cruiser, a replica of the plastic decks Penny made in the 1970s. It uses injection-moulded plastic that has just the right amount of flex for smooth carving, while still being seriously durable. Thanks to its small size (57cm long and 15cm at its widest point) and high elevation the Penny is great for sharp turns too, making for a ride that’s not only surprisingly stable but a lot of fun. And unlike regular-sized boards, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack when you’re done.

Dusters Flashback Cruiser


The shape of this deck isn’t too dissimilar from a regular skateboard, making it the most versatile of the boards featured here. The mellow concave and kicktail mean it can even be used to bust a few tricks, but it’s still a cruiser at its core so is fast and responsive for hammering around town. The Flashback is available in three colour schemes, but our favourite is the one pictured above: natural wood, turquoise, white and dark brown combine to create an understated retro look.
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Max Anderton

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