MF tests wireless fitness gadgets

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1. Iqua Beat A1 Bluetooth stereo wireless sports headset

This Bluetooth headset and heart rate monitor requires you to download a free Iqua app to map your running and cycling routes and measure your performance while training. As well as telling you your speed, calories burned and average heart rate during a session, it shows you how many steps you've taken and has a slightly annoying built-in personal trainer that delivers real-time progress reports and, ahem, motivational messages. The headphones (which contain the HRM) are crisp and comfortable and the data is accurate, but the touch-sensitive controller often gets confused between the motions you make to change a track and turn up the volume and the headset isn’t very secure when clipped to clothing. Nice concept, better delivery needed.

2. Ego Wi-Fi HD Action Camera

Available in an assortment of funky colours, this smart compact camera records in 1080p high definition and is ideal for filming sports. It can easily withstand bumps and knocks thanks to the rubber finish and comes with a mount for attaching to all manner of surfaces. Its defining feature, however, is the ability to wirelessly stream live video footage to an iPhone, iPad or Android device so you can see exactly what’s being recorded at any time. It can be fiddly to set up, but once connected it works smoothly and puts an end to dodgy angles that might thwart your bragging rights!

3. Fitbit Ultra

This discreet motion sensor tracks daily activity by measuring steps taken and distance travelled, and even knows when you’re going up or downhill. You can also input the food you’ve eaten and any exercise done during the day. Sleep patterns are monitored too, with a morning report letting you know the time it took to fall asleep, the number of interruptions and amount of time spent actually sleeping. Get within 5m of your computer and all the data is automatically transferred and presented visually. Although the Fitbit Ultra is pretty pricy, it’s seriously effective and is a worthwhile purchase for anyone itching to know just how active their lifestyle really is.

Max Anderton

Max was the head of digital content for Men's Fitness which worked alongside Coach between 2015 and 2019.