The best new training gear

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1. HPE Formula40 long sleeve compression top
This torso-hugging top is made of a four-way stretch 80% nylon/20% elastane mix with chafe-free coverseam stitching. This means it’s supremely comfortable and offers the same freedom of movement you’d get shirtless. It works brilliantly as a base layer beneath a hoodie or snowboard jacket when you’re doing something out in the cold, or on its own as a wicking top in a warm gym.
2. Adidas AdiPure Trainer 360
Running shoes rarely offer the flexibility or flat sole you need to get your form right when doing exercises in the gym and skate shoes aren't supportive or stable enough. So try this Adidas shoe, which has a flat sole and a snug anti-microbial, moisture-wicking sock liner to stop your feet smelling or getting infected with athlete’s foot. Most importantly, the dynamic midsole doesn’t constrain your movement in any way but still offers solid support.

3. Under Armour 9in Coreshorts Pro
These shorts have an X-shaped elastic support system that’s designed to stabilise your core so you can perform better in the gym, on the track or on the sports field. They also use a compression fit to reduce the energy loss caused by muscle vibration, and their four-way stretch nylon/elastane fabric and moisture transport tech ensure you movement is never restricted, while also removing sweat from your privates to reduce the risk of unpleasant rashes.

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