Cold weather camping gear

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Expecting Andy Torbet’s Camping Essentials Checklist? Sorry, we published it prematurely. Here’s something to tide you over.

Sportiva Men’s Trango S EVO GTX


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The quality and versatility of this hi-tech boot justifies the price – great to use for everything from rambling to mountaineering, it’s even compatible with crampons. A Gore-Tex lining keeps it waterproof and breathable while an abrasion-resistant Cordura outer provides reinforcement, making the Trango comfortable and durable in any environment.

Price £225

CamelBak BFM Cargo Hydration Backpack


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With a considerable storage capacity of 51 litres, this is a quality backpack and hydration pack in one. The integrated three-litre bladder is fitted with CamelBak’s glove-friendly HydroLock valve to make it easy to open when you've got hand warmers on and prevent annoying drips or leaks, and has been designed to keep water fresh, meaning no horrible plasticy taste.

Price  £129.70

Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife


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The high-carbon, stainless-steel 25cm blade on this knife is set in a handle with an ergonomic rubber grip, a weighted base for hammering and an emergency whistle. The mildew-resistant sheath also has a few tricks: an integrated diamond sharpener, fire-starting rod made of ferrocerium and land-to-air rescue instructions.

Price £58.95

The North Face Evolution Triclimate Jacket


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This three-in-one jacket from The North Face is perfect for Britain’s changeable weather, combining a soft, warm fleece with a waterproof, windproof and breathable outer. The two layers can be combined for optimal protection against the cold and wet or worn separately, with each layer taking up surprisingly little storage space when not in use.   

Price £124

Max Anderton

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