No Excuses workout 3

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If you combine physical training with mental hardship you will produce someone who is unbreakable. That's what this workout does, and the tool I've chosen to turn you into a Terminator is the humble barbell. It's the perfect piece of equipment for working the whole body with a combination of resistance and calisthenics.

Right, there’s no time to chalk up, so I suggest applying Liquid Grip to minimise rest/excuses time

How to do the workout

This workout has a deceptively simple target: 100 reps on the deadlift with your bodyweight on the bar. The catch, though, is that every time the bar touches the floor you do one squat thrust. The other catch is that every tenth rep you do the equivalent number in either press-ups or alternating squat thrusts without your hands leaving the bar. So after ten deadlift reps, do ten press-ups; after 20 deadlifts, do 20 alternating squat thrusts and so on. There is also a penalty for any slip-ups to help train the mind.

Workout breakdown

1) Deadlift Throughout the challenge focus on keeping the bar close to the body, driving your heels through the floor and keeping your chest up – this will ensure you lift with your whole body. Brace your core during each lift, especially whe you get to 100kg.
2) Squat thrust Both feet go back together. Brace your abs and glutes to protect your lower back. Drive the knees back up to your chest, then settle back into the start of the deadlift.
3) Press-up Without your hands leaving the bar, rotate your elbows inwards as if you are trying to bend the bar. This will fire the lats and protect the shoulders. Your chest must touch the bar with the focus on tight abs and glutes.
4) Alternating squat thrust Keeping hold of the bar, bring one knee to your chest, alternating legs with every rep. The focus is on glute control of the straight leg with a piston-like drive on every rep.

Penalty If your hands come off the bar or your knee touches floor, do 300m on the rowing machine with a target time of 60sec.

Andy McKenzie

Andy McKenzie is a UKSCA accredited strength coach, and a strength and conditioning specialist.