Five Reasons You're Not Losing Fat

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1. Liquid calories

Those ultra-healthy smoothies and juices are easy to guzzle down, but they contain lots of sugar. And if you’re congratulating yourself for your healthy diet with a few beers in the evenings, not only are you drinking extra calories but your body is also metabolising alcohol before processing anything else, which slows fat loss.

THE SOLUTION Choose water or tea every other time you’re thinking of having some juice. According to scientists at King’s College, London, the polyphenols in tea blunt sugar spikes, which means a cuppa can help regulate appetite and reduce fat storage. As for the after-work drinks, try to limit them to once a week – it’ll give you something to look forward to.

2. Mindless eating

Many people enter a sort of trance while vegging out in front of the TV, a state of blissful semi-consciousness that makes you forget all about those packets of Maltesers and Nik Naks that disappear into your gob.

THE SOLUTION Keep a food diary for a week – you will soon pick up on your bad habits. In a study, US researchers found that keeping track of your food when dieting can double the amount of weight you lose.

3. Inactivity

Even if you are sweating it out at the gym regularly, you may over-compensate by skipping everyday activities such as taking the stairs or walking to the shops.

THE SOLUTION Detach arse from sofa. Men should take 12,000 steps a day to aid weight control. American research has also found that sitting still increases hunger and raises the need for food.

4. Rewarding yourself

You’ve been out for a run, so you’ve earned that Krispy Kreme donut – right? Unfortunately not. You are scoffing double the calories you’ve just burned, and it will take you another 25 minutes of running to shed those additional calories.

THE SOLUTION Go for a small slice of fruit loaf or some jam on wholemeal toast instead. These will satisfy your sweet tooth without undoing your good work.

5. You don’t have a goal

You are constantly dieting but you don’t know how much you want to lose or even how much you actually weigh. If you carry on like this you’ll never feel like you have lost enough weight.

THE SOLUTION Jump on the scales. US researchers found that men who weighed in daily lost an average of 4lb (1.8kg) more each month than those who weighed themselves weekly or less. You are much more likely to lose weight when working towards a goal, because it keeps weight loss at the forefront of your mind.

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