MF's essential summer gadgets

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Native Union Switch wireless portable speaker

A world away from the tacky, tinny iPhone speaker systems you can pick up in petrol stations across the land, the Switch is a high-end wireless system that looks likes a piece of furniture the hero from some dystopian future sci-fi flick might have in his space lounge. It uses Bluetooth to securely connect to your phone and also has a USB port to charge devices. The Switch delivers crisp, loud sound and can even be used to make conference calls – plenty of them since it has a chargeable battery that lasts 14 hours. The easy-turn dial on the top works as the controller and adds to the sense of sophisticated minimalism. It's become a staple of MF summer barbecues.

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Olloclip 3-in-One iPhone lens

This versatile three-in-one lens set slips over the corner of your iPhone to add wide-angle, macro or fish-eye effects to your photos and footage. The telephoto lens works as a 10X zoom, the wide-angle doubles the field of view, while the fisheye increases it to a whooping 180˚, and all are made of clear precision ground glass with the casing built from tough aircraft grade aluminium. It comes with secure plastic caps to stop the lens from getting scratched when not in use and a microfiber carry case you can use as a wipe. There are versions for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 and a telephoto only version in case you're just looking to capture detail on distant objects. We've been using the 3-in-One to film some of our recent downhill MTB sessions and it's a doddle to use.

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Nike Vision Brazen sunglasses

As well as all the standard features you'd expect from a pair of high-end sunnies, such as 100% UVA protection and a tough ergonomic frame, these sleek shades include patented Nike Max Optics that, unlike most lenses, are distortion free even at the outer edges. The also have a simple yet well thought-out nosebridge with ventilation slices cut into it to stop the lenses from fogging up. It's made of spongy rubber so the glasses don't feel as if they're boring into your nose – even if you're wearing them for an extended period. And while they're not designed for running and cycling, they're so comfortable and secure we've been using them for both.

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