Can you use Apple Watch to improve your fitness?

Apple Watch
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Finding a time and place to work out can be hard with a busy schedule and crowded gyms. Misfit’s latest release, the Misfit Minute app for Apple Watch, solves that dilemma by providing quick workouts that can be done just about anywhere.

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The app

Misfit Minute gives users the option to choose a one-minute, four-minute or seven-minute full-body workout. The app acts as your personal drill sergeant, guiding you through a variety of exercises that target different areas of your body, providing both tips and instructions on how to perform each regime. All of the exercises available all use your bodyweight, creating an effective way to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Why short workouts?

‘Aerobic training and resistance-based exercises are two fundamental elements of a fitness routine, but it’s difficult to find the time to exercise at all, let alone perform both regularly,’ says Matthew Diamond, sports medicine physician and medical director at Misfit.

‘High-intensity circuit training performed continuously provides an efficient and effective way to achieve the benefits of both modes. Numerous scientific studies have shown that this type of training leads to a significant loss of excess body fat, gains in muscular strength and a metabolism boost that can last for days.’

Get fit fast with these tricks and tips

The workouts

One minute

30sec of squats and 30sec of planks

Four minutes

30 seconds each of jumping jacks, press-upslungessquats, scissors and leg raises with 10sec rest between exercises

Seven minutes and more

30 seconds each of high knee running in place, press-up, scissors, wall sits, pelvic lifts, side planks, jumping jacks, leg raiseslungesplankssquats with a 10sec rest between exercises. Repeat as desired

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