Have A Happy And Healthy Christmas With Withings

If you’re not sure what to get for friends and family this Christmas, or are struggling to think of cool stuff for your own Christmas list, we’re here to help. Withings has a whole range of health and fitness gadgets that will put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas morning.

And unlike much of what we’ll give and receive this Christmas, a Withings gift will help make 2017 a happy and healthy year!

Fitness tracking

Withings Go


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Sometimes the best things in life are simple, and the Withings Go is a fitness tracker that logs everything you do without complicating things. You won’t have to remember to charge the battery, since the single cell will deliver eight months of use before you have to change it.

Even the screen is simple, yet effective – the display employs e-ink, just like an e-book reader, which means it’s incredibly easy to read, is always on and has minimal effect on battery life.

The Go tracks the steps you take each day, while also estimating the distance you travel and the calories you burn. It will automatically detect when you’re being particularly active, differentiating between a gentle stroll and a brisk walk. It will also detect when you go for a run and automatically log that.

Oh, and you don’t even have to remember to take the Go off when you jump in the bath or the shower, as it’s waterproof to 50m! That means that you can also jump in the swimming pool with the Go, and once you get going it will track your swim, too.

The Go doesn’t go to sleep when you do, either – it will track your sleep patterns each and every night, logging periods of deep sleep, light sleep and whenever you wake up.

The Go comes bundles with both a wristband and a clip, so you can wear it whichever way you want – proudly or discretely. No matter where you wear it, the Go will keep track of everything you do.

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Withings Pulse Ox


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While many fitness trackers now have heart rate monitors built into them, the Withings Pulse was the first. This latest version of the Pulse – the Pulse Ox – is a feature packed fitness tracker for anyone who really wants to know what their body is doing.

This small lozenge shaped tracker can be worn in a clip or wristband; in fact, you can even just slip it in your pocket and it will happily track everything you do throughout the day.

There’s a built-in OLED screen that will show you all your stats for today and previous days – you can swipe back and checkout your stats for the past 10 days without needing to take your phone out of your pocket.

The Pulse Ox will log every step you take, the calories you burn and the distance you travel. It also has an altimeter built into it, so it will also track elevation throughout your day. And when you bed down for the night, it will also track your sleep patterns.

The Pulse Ox will automatically detect when you’re being active, or running and log those activities accordingly. And when you want to check your heart rate, simply place your finger on the sensor at the rear of the device – your heart rate will be displayed along with your bloody oxygen level.

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Withings Activité


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If you want to track your activity 24 hours a day, but don’t necessarily want everyone around you to know about it, the Withings Activité is for you. This is a fitness tracker that looks just like an analogue watch – no flashing lights, no built-in screens, just a stylish timepiece.

Available in three versions – Activité Pop, Activité Steel and Activité Sapphire – there’s an Activité to suite anyone and everyone. The Activité Pop is fun and fashionable, available with a variety of face and strap colours. The Activité Steel is finished in stainless steel and chrome, for a stylish, minimalist look, with a black or white face. Finally the Activité Sapphire sports a Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass and a real leather strap – a fitness tracker that’s as stylish as a classic Swiss watch.

All Activité models track every step you take throughout the day and estimate distance travelled and calories burned. They’ll automatically detect if you go running or swimming – yes, they’re all waterproof and will track how long you swim for and how many calories you burn while doing it.

The Activité will also monitor and track your sleep patterns, and because the battery lasts for eight months, you’ll be able to wear it all day and all night, without fear of it running out of juice.

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Smart Scales

Withings Body scales


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There’s a lot more to body weight than just weight – it’s vital to know what your body weight is made up from. If you’re adopting a healthy diet and exercise regime, you may well find that your weight loss plateaus, but that’s not always a bad thing. Even when you’re not losing weight, you could be losing body fat.

To fully understand what you’re made of, you need a way of measuring your body composition, and that’s exactly what the Withings Body scales do.

When you step on the Withings Body scales you’ll find out how much you weigh, and what percentage of that weight is made up of fat, giving you far more insight than a basic set of bathroom scales.

The Body scales connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network, so whenever you weigh yourself, that data is automatically synced to the Withings Health Mate app, allowing you to keep track of your weight and body composition over time.

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Withings Body Cardio scales


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The Withings Body scales are smart, but the Body Cardio scales are even smarter. The Body Cardio scales can do everything that Body scales can do – weight, body fat percentage, heat rate, wireless syncing etc. – but it has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

The Body Cardio scales have a solid, flat aluminium base, ensuring that you get an accurate reading no matter what surface you place them on. The Body Cardio scales deliver more detailed body composition data, too – giving percentage readings for body fat, water, muscle mass and bone mass.

But as the name suggests, the Body Cardio scales will also deliver insight on your cardio vascular fitness, through the implementation of aortic pulse wave velocity readings. This test measures the speed at which blood flows through your arteries, indicating the level of arterial stiffness in you body.

The combined insight of body composition and arterial health will give you a clear picture on how your body is functioning, while the Withings Health Mate app will deliver tips on how to improve your health based on the data that the Body Cardio scales provide.

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Health and wellbeing

Withings Thermo


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It’s never good when someone in your family isn’t well, but being able to take an accurate temperature reading – especially with children – makes a home diagnosis that bit easier.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could accurately measure the body temperature without needing place something delicate in the mouth or ear? Well, as a matter of fact you can, thanks to the Withings Thermo.

By sweeping the Thermo across the forehead of the patient it will accurately measure the body temperature and show the result on the built-in LED display. As the Thermo is swiped over the forehead it takes over 4,000 readings while finding the hottest point.

But the Thermo doesn’t just display the patient’s temperature it also syncs that data with your smartphone, and combined with information about the patient and their symptoms, it will deliver advice, and potentially recommend seeking medical attention.

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Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


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Monitoring your blood pressure doesn’t have to be a chore, and you don’t need to visit your doctor’s surgery every week, either. With the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor you can check your blood pressure quickly and easily anytime.

Once you’ve wrapped the cuff around your arm, you just fire up the monitor and it will take a reading and automatically sync the result with the Withings Health Mate app on your phone.

With your results synced every time you measure your blood pressure, you’ll have a rolling diary of data on hand whenever you need it – ideal for monitoring your blood pressure over time, and ensuring that you’re making the right lifestyle choices to keep it at a healthy level.

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Withings Aura


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We’re often encouraged to be active and eat a healthy diet, but there’s another aspect of health and wellbeing that rarely gets our attention – sleep. Our bodies and minds need sleep to regenerate, but it’s not just sleep that we need, it’s quality sleep.

The Withings Aura is designed to ensure that you sleep as soundly as possible, from the minute you climb into bed, to the moment you get up in the morning. At bedtime Aura will project soothing colours and shades to encourage sleep, and this can be augmented with a mellow musical playlist to relax you even further.

When it’s time to wake up, Aura will project a simulated sunrise to slowly and gently bring you back to consciousness – the waking light can again be combined with music.

While you’re sleeping Aura will be monitoring your surroundings, measuring the temperature, light levels and sound levels in your bedroom and logging that data in the app for you to examine later. By creating the right ambient temperature, and ensuring that there are no aural and visual disturbances during the night, you’ll be able to further enhance your sleep.

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