The Coolest Sports Specs for Swimming, Football, Running, Cycling and Snow Sports

Nike Vision Bandit



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Available with prescription lenses, these are incredibly lightweight and have clever air holes that will circulate a bit of the breeze as you run. A bonus: you can wear these in other situations – which can’t be said for the others on this list. £88, buy on

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Rec Specs Maxx 30



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If you think your eyesight is bad now, imagine what it’ll be like when a football smashes into your specs and pushes shards of glass into your face. That’s why no ref is going to let you wear breakable glass. These, however, use toughened polycarbonate lenses and a headstrap, so they’re not coming off or breaking in your face. £130, buy on

Aqua Sphere Eagle



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Seeing underwater can be a hassle at the best of times, so prescription lenses in swim goggles will solve your problems. Unlike some other alternatives, you can order these with different strengths for each eye. And they look just like any other pair of swim goggles. £50, buy on

BBB Optiview Sport



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If you’re on a bike a lot, you’re already likely to be wearing something over your eyes to protect them from debris and insects, so make sure they have prescription lenses in. These have an interface to slot the lenses in and adjustable options all over to ensure you’re in total comfort during your ride. Unless the insects are going in your mouth. £43, buy on

Oakley Line Miner Prizm

Snow sports


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These slick-looking goggles are designed to fit over your prescription glasses (most pairs, at least) so things couldn’t be simpler. They’re comfortable and secure, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your specs if you take a tumble. £135, buy on

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