Forget Bowflex—PowerBlock’s Adjustable Dumbbells Are Under $300 In Amazon’s Early Black Friday Sale

PowerBlock Sport 24 dumbbells
The PowerBlock Sport 24 dumbbells are just $169.99 for Black Friday (Image credit: Jonathan Shannon / Future)

If you've been looking to invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells, one of our favorites, the PowerBlock Sport 24, is reduced by almost 30% on Amazon. If you're looking for something a little heavier, the PowerBlock Elite EXP adjustable dumbbells go up to 50lbs and are also reduced by almost $150 at Amazon. PowerBlock's premium Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells are also $218 cheaper in this flush of early Black Friday deals

Adjustable dumbbells are a great option if you want to work out at home, because one pair does the job of six or more fixed-weight dumbbells. That means you can adjust the weight to appropriately challenge the body part you’re working on (your legs are 10 times stronger than your shoulders, for instance) and as your strength increases, you can increase the weight to keep improving your strength. We particularly like the PowerBlock Sport 24 as a low-cost, high-quality option for beginners.

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells: $239.00now $169.99 at Amazon

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells: was $239.00, now $169.99 at Amazon

Save $69 on these lighter PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. These have a range of 3-24lbs per dumbbell, a rubber handle, and color-coded plates to help you choose the right weight. The weight increases in 3lb increments.

Price check: Dick’s Sporting Goods: $199  | Walmart: $199

Coach: ★★★★ | T3 ★★★★

PowerBlock Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbells: $449.00now $299.99 at Amazon

PowerBlock Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbells: was  $449.00, now $299.99 at Amazon

Save $149 on this heavier set which has a weight range of 5-50lb per hand. This is the pair to get if you plan on getting really strong because you can invest in an expansion set to bring the weight up to 70-90lb per dumbbell.

Price check: Dick’s Sporting Goods: $359.99 | Walmart: $180 per dumbbell

PowerBlock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells: $643.00now $424.99 at Amazon

PowerBlock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells: was $643.00, now $424.99 at Amazon

Save $218 These PowerBlock dumbbells have a range of 5-50lb on each dumbbell just like the Elite EXP. The difference is the materials the Pro 50 set is constructed from, which make it smoother and quieter than its counterparts, according to PowerBlock. They aren’t compatible with expansion sets, though.

Which Adjustable Dumbbell Set Is Right For Me?

To help you decide which dumbbell suits you best, I thought I’d highlight the key differences between the three models. The most expensive set, the Pro 50s, go up to 50lbs and is constructed of urethane-coated steel weight plates which PowerBlock says makes for a smoother weight-changing experience. The Elite EXPs and Sport 24s are made from welded alloy steel and finished with powder-coated paint.

The Elite EXPs can be expanded with a PowerBlock Stage 2 or Stage 3 Expansion Set to take you up to 70 or 90lbs per dumbbell. That is very heavy, but if you are very serious about your training you may want the option to bulk up your dumbbells. Budget for a little over $150 to buy the expansion sets. 

As the Sport 24s max out at 24lbs, these are great for beginners, but you may find yourself needing to buy a heavier set later on as your strength increases. The Sport 24s increase in 3lb increments, which is more than the other two models, but the Elite EXPs start at 5lb, making them a little less suitable for someone who has never used dumbbells before.

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