Five Weekend-Winning Breakfast Ideas From Alice Liveing

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No alarm to hit. No job to dress for. No rush for the bathroom. No morning commute. No dark and sinister thoughts about the man coughing without putting his hand over his mouth on said commute. Sure feels like your workless weekend mornings are something to celebrate, right?

Incredible Instagrammer and healthy-food lover Alice Liveing, (once known as Clean Eating Alice), reckons so anyway. Her mouth-watering feed of pics and recipes is bursting with breakfast inspiration, with plenty of ideas to get your juices a-flowing, oven a-blazing and belly a-rumbling before you’ve got dressed.

Here are five of our favourites that will set you up perfectly for the rest of the day, whatever you’re doing.

1. Any-Given-Sunday Roast Veg, Chorizo Hash And Eggs

All the flavour. Plenty of protein. Stacks of micronutrients too. We’re sold.

2. Post-Morning Run Chocolate Porridge

Soothe your burning thighs and appease your sweet tooth with this oaty winner, with enough slow-release energy to tide you over until your Sunday roast.  

3. Fit-To-Burst Breakfast Wrap

Less of a recipe and more of a “why don’t I do that more often?” idea – take the eggs, tomatoes, spinach and cheese you were going to turn into yet another omelette and instead scramble and stuff them into a toasted wholemeal wrap. Bonus points for slathering your favourite hot sauce over it.

4.Veggie Soldiers And Dippy Eggs

Off the bread for a bit? Even if you’re not, you soon will be when you get a load of this boiled egg brekkie winner. Switch out the loaf for roasted parsnips and you’ll never reach for the Hovis again.

5. Protein-Packed Fruit And Chocolate Yogurt

All right, all right, not all of us have the luxury of cooking time during the weekend mornings. Kids, right? But look. Look at that. It’s Clean Eating Alice’s “breakfast in a hurry”. See? No excuse for boring, stodgy breakfasts ever again.

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