Salmon sandwich

Muscle growth sandwich
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What you get

Slow-release protein and antioxidants to boost muscle growth and repair.

When to eat it

Straight after a punishing workout.

To make

Tip a small tin of salmon into a bowl and add a squeeze of lemon juice. Roughly chop a handful of watercress and grate half a carrot. Spread a thin layer of low-fat soft cheese on two slices or rye bread. Add the salmon, watercress and carrot to one slice, season with a little pepper and place the other slice on top.

Rye bread

The dark brown bread provides soluble fibre, which will help regulate the appetite and blood glucose levels. Rye flour also contains vitamins B and E to promote growth and repair.


These are a source of betacarotene, which has powerful antioxidant properties known to fight free radical damage caused by exercise. The effects are maximised when eatenwith the oil contained in salmon.


Watercress is a good source of B vitamins, which are essential for growth and repair. Its vitamin E content will also help protect the nerves and heart from sporting wear and tear.


The omega 3 fatty acids found in the pink fish will provide all the raw materials your body needs to produce anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe those post-workout aches and pains.

Soft cheese

This is a good source of protein, which encourages muscle growth and repair. Some low-fat versions have added whey powder, which will act as a slow-release energy to drip-feed your muscles after a workout.

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