#TeamSony: Taking on Tough Mudder one step at a time

The Saturday’s singer Vanessa White (@VanessaWhite) and broadcaster and writer Rick Edwards (@rickedwards1) will be embarking on a tech-inspired training programme using Sony’s latest smartwear devices – SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk – along with its Xperia™ Z3 smartphone, to prepare for and tackle Tough Mudder together. Now before your curiosity gets the better of you, we’ve answered all the questions below that a hashtag, such as #TeamSony, could possibly determine. Read on... 

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Why is there a #TeamSony?
Sony is the official smartphone and SmartWear sponsor for Tough Mudder 2015 and has recruited the celebrities and editors to join ‘Team Sony’. Kitted out with Sony’s latest SmartWear devices, Team Sony will be able to track their progress and monitor their fitness regimes in the run up to the big day at Tough Mudder Yorkshire.

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Who is in #TeamSony?
Joining Rick and Vanessa on Team Sony will be contributing editors of Men’s Fitness and Women’s Fitness, Joel Snape (@JoelSnape) and Amanda Khouv (@theglucosekid), who will also be documenting their Tough Mudder journey, from start to finish. 

What’s great about #TeamSony?
With the help of fitness experts, Team Sony will be preparing to take on the 12-mile course at Tough Mudder Yorkshire on August 1st. In particular, Sony’s owned obstacle ‘Arctic Enema 2.0’ will push the team to its limits, testing their team work, physical strength and mental grit as they wade through the ice cold water.

Team Sony

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Vanessa and Rick’s training will begin at a Team Sony boot camp where they’ll receive a tech-inspired training schedule designed by Tough Mudder coach Richard Tidmarsh (@RichTidmarsh). Kitted out with an Xperia Z3 smartphone, SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk, each team member will be able to use Sony’s dedicated Lifelog app to track their progress and gain key sights into their workouts to help them monitor their regime. 

How to keep up with #TeamSony?
Over the next two months Sony will be recruiting additional members who’ll join Vanessa, Rick, Joel and Amanda at Tough Mudder Yorkshire.  Follow their journey here and find out how to get involved by following @sonyxperiagb and #TeamSony.

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