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Skalp™ services have grown enormously over the last couple of years. Because of demand it has now opened clinics across the UK in major cities such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh. Now the treatment is being picked up globally. Last month major newspapers in the US picked up on this exciting new process and the difference it is making to young men’s lives. Skalp has been thinking internationally for some time and already has a clinic in Poland and is now facilitating consultations in Germany.

The feature on Bodyshockers is fascinating because it allows you behind the scenes and shows exactly how the treatment takes place, why clients allow their bodies to be changed in this way and why it is becoming so popular.  The customer who allowed the cameras to watch every minute was Bradford born northern lad Adam Ullah who works full time at Yorkshire Water and part-time as a model.

An end to the torment of thinning hair

At 29 he has been suffering from hair loss since his early twenties and was getting to the end of his tether. He told me “I had been getting paranoid about my hair loss for years and consequently I tried many different treatments such as laser treatment and all sorts of fibre sprays, but nothing seemed to work.  It was a friend who told me about Skalp™. I was a bit cautious at first as I have never been one for all this tattooing stuff – I also have a pretty bad phobia of needles!”

Safe, non-surgical and professional

Adam visited the Deansgate clinic in Manchester for his free consultation and he found the two Skalp practitioners soon put any anxieties to rest. He said, “Jason and Damon were professional and polite and went out of their way to help me feel relaxed. They gave me all the information about the treatment so I knew what to expect and I didn’t even see the needle throughout the whole process which was pretty cool!”

As with all of the clients who use Skalp™ services, Adam experienced a heightened confidence with his new look. This is often due to the fact that thinning hair and hair loss often surreptitiously chip away at a man’s self-esteem often leading to restricted functioning and missed chances in life. He has already recommended three of his friends who have managed to get themselves a free consultation.

Call to arrange a free consultation on 0845 094 15 16

Bodyshockers was shown Monday 12th January at 10pm on Channel 4


(Image credit: Unknown)
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