The Perfect Pre-Bed Muscle-Building Supplement

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If you’re serious about building muscle, it pays to be serious about your supplements. After all, no matter how hard you work in the gym, you’ll struggle to reach your muscle-building targets with poor nutrition.

The key to getting this right? Quality of ingredients. Not all supplements are created equal, and if you want to upgrade your physique, upgrading to a high-quality supplement is a crucial step in the right direction.

This is where OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Casein comes in.

While fast-digesting whey protein is ideal immediately after a workout, most muscle growth takes place during the night, when your body is fasting. So if you want to upgrade your results, you need to ensure your body’s protein requirements are met around the clock.

OPTIMUM NUTRITION’s Gold Standard 100% Casein is ideal for this. In contrast to whey, casein is slow-digesting, offering long-lasting muscle support. This makes it a perfect pre-bed shake, as it will steadily drip-feed your muscles protein throughout the night to optimise new muscle growth.

One serving of OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Casein supplies an impressive 24g of muscle-building protein with just half a gram of fat and no added sugar, helping you to build lean, hard muscle.

Muscle gains have never been so easy with Gold Standard 100% Casein from OPTIMUM NUTRITION. All the powders are instantised to mix up effortlessly with water or milk, every time. They’re now available in five exclusive flavours including NEW Cookies n’ Cream and Strawberry Delight.                                                                                      

Enjoying a delicious OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Casein shake half an hour before bed will go a long way towards upgrading your supplement regime, but for optimum results, you need to twin it with OPTIMUM NUTRITION’s Gold Standard 100% Whey protein. Follow the link below to find out more about OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Whey and how to combine it effectively with OPTIMUM NUTRITION Gold Standard 100% Casein to deliver all your muscle growth needs – day and night.

To find out more about OPTIMUM NUTRITION's Gold Standard products, click here

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