The Essential Cycling Kit for Darker Nights

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The Gloves

Nothing screams winter bitterness like purple pinkies as you grip your bike’s handlebars. Keep your fingers toasty with these insulating mitts.

Altura Night Vision, £14

The Helmet

Cycling apparel has a tendency towards brightness that makes this headpiece appear uncharacteristically restrained. Shine a light on it, however, and all that changes as 15 reflective panels turn your head into a blinding beacon.

HardnutZ Stealth, £30

The Backpack

If fashion and function got drunk and had a lovechild, this might be it. Rapha’s unimaginatively named Rucksack keeps its contents dry and safe with padded compartments and water-repellent fabric. There’s spine cushioning for comfort and reflective pin dots to make you impossible to miss.

Rapha Rucksack, £180

The Water Bottle

The inner jacket that gives the Fire and Ice bottle its dazzlingly bright reflectivity also acts as a thermal lining to keep your water cold. BPA-free materials also stop that nasty plastic taste ruining you mid-ride refreshment.

Fire and Ice, £12

The Shoes

Featuring an easy-wipe perforated upper to prevent sweaty feet, this clever redesign of a massively popular shoe has bright panels for fashionable visibility.

Nike Air Max Ultra Moire, £110

The Jacket

Most reflective jackets can make you look like someone who refused to believe nu-rave ever died. This waterproof coat sidesteps that issue by being covered micro-glass beads that illuminate the entire jacket, but only when struck by artificial light.

Sugoi Zap, £110

The Jeans

Made from extra durable water-resistant stretch fabric, Levi’s purpose-made commuter jeans solve the man problems associated with cycling in jeans. And it’s not only you who benefits, thanks to the higher cut that prevents your bum crack making an unwanted cameo in everyone else’s commute.

Levi’s Commuter, £84

Max Anderton

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