Things All Smart Men Carry in Their Bag

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Bags don’t maketh the man – what a man carries in his bag maketh, er, him! For instance, do you trust a man who has to remove a mountain of junk from his bag before realising he doesn’t have the thing he’s looking for? And would you trust a man who carries a bag merely to complement his outfit? No and no. The sort of man who carries the minimum of stuff, but is prepared for most eventualities, is the kind of man everyone looks up to.

To provide a bit of guidance in this regard, we’ve put together a ruthless edit of what to pack for a trip to the gym (you will never forget a water bottle again – rookie error), a weekend away or a day at the office.

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The Sports Bag


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Sunglasses, £19.99,

Blue duffle bag, £85,

Water bottle, £9.99,

Sneakers, £55,

Eau de Lacoste, £47,

Skipping rope, £16.99,

Blue sports watch, £69.99,

Nike swoosh sweatbands, £7,

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The Weekend Bag


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Sweater, £89,

Blue suede driving shoes, £130,

Dents driving gloves, £70,

Passport wallet, £45,

Medium Clipper bag, £1,495,

Sunglasses, £320,

Men’s leather wash bag, £150,

Cufflinks, £220,

Brown leather belt, £65,

Watch, £775,

L’Eau d’Issey pour home, £41.50,

The Work Bag


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Access pack bag, available 1st July,

Notepads, from £20,

Pen, £295,

White Marshall Majors headphones, £79,

Blue iPad wallet, £225,

Wallet, £95,

Rue du Rhone watch, £895,

Boss The Scent by Hugo Boss, £45,

Apple Macbook Air, £849,

Jump lead (in bag), £40,

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