The Best Travel Accessories: Luggage, Bags, Wallets and, of Course, Panama Hats

When choosing the best travel accessories, we think that everything we include is important. But in this case, some are more important than others. The most important thing nowadays is your smartphone, which will help you navigate turn-by-turn the bemusing one-way system of Marseilles, look up a bus timetable in Nimes, retrieve your Airbnb booking and bring up your boarding pass (yes, it was a lovely trip to the south of France, thanks for asking). All of the wonderful things your smartphone can do are null and void if you’re out of juice – so make sure you pick up (and charge up) the portable phone charger from Urban Outfitters before you leave.

The second most important thing is a Panama hat, obviously.

Once you have those two things covered, pick and choose from our selection of well-designed weekend bags and premium leather goods – weekend holdalls, passport covers and luggage tags to travel in style. Bon Voyage!

Travel outfit at House of Fraser

Travel necessities

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Levi’s jacket, £80; Linea T-shirt, £15; Original Penguin shorts, £55; Howick belt, £18; Tommy Hilfiger bag, £340; Tommy Hilfiger sneakers, £50;

Reiss backpack


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£175, buy on

Urban Outfitters portable

phone charger

Phone charger

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£25, buy on

Estime nylon and leather washbag


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£69, buy on

Next Panama hat


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£18, (available in store)

Victorinox Spectra Global carry on

Travelling bag

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£295, (available in store)

Tumi travel

currency wallet


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£145, (available in store)

Reiss black



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£80, buy on

Eastpak Midnight



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£85, buy on

Dunhill leather

weekend bag


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£2,250, forthcoming on


luggage tag

Luggage bag

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£55, buy on

Mulberry leather buckle

travel bag

buckle travel bag

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£1,295, buy on

Mulberry leather

passport wallet

passport wallet

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£100, buy on

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