The Best Men’s Briefcases And Bags For Work

Men’s Briefcases
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Three months of late-night preparation and it’s here – a meeting with the all-powerful overlords of the board to discuss the Johnson Report. Three months of overtime. Three months of have-I-done-enough anxiety. Three months of waking up in the little den you made under the desk. It’s all come down to this. This moment.

Shoes shined, shirt ironed, suit pressed, you stroll in with your chest puffed out, oozing confidence. Then on to the table goes your battered GCSE-era Reebok rucksack and out comes the report.

Good work pal. You’ve just made one heck of a ropy first impression. Are they going to entrust big business decisions to a man that carries an important deck around in a backpack still covered in Tipp-Exd band names from 2004? Short answer: no. Long answer: hell no.

Hopefully, you’re reading this before making such a catastrophic error. Ahead lies 13 of the smartest, slickest briefcases and work bags a man can get, all ready to give off the right impression from the get-go. We’ve got designer beauties from Mulberry, high-street heroes from Whistles and a die-hard indestructible legend from US outerwear giants Filson.

So before you set foot in that boardroom, make sure you’re prepared with one of these reputation-saving carriers. Then, all that’s left is to imagine the panel in their underwear and really take them to town with your hard work. Good luck.

Tumi Andrews slim briefcase


(Image credit: Tumi)

£325, buy on

Brics Magellano briefcase


(Image credit: Brics)

£295, buy on

Brooks Lexington briefcase


(Image credit: Brooks)

£220, buy on

Cambridge Oxblood slim bridge closure bag

bridge closure bag

(Image credit: Cambridge)

£230, buy on

Shinola brown leather slim briefcase


(Image credit: Shinola)

£690, buy on

Eastpak navy Delegate Opgrade bag

Opgrade bag

(Image credit: Eastpak)

£55, buy on

Paul Smith leather briefcase


(Image credit: Paul Smith)

£795, buy on

Whistles navy leather messenger bag

messenger bag

(Image credit: Whistles)

£45, buy on

Forbes and Lewis Wiltshire briefcase


(Image credit: Forbes and Lewis)

£130, buy on

Temple London black and leather tote bag


(Image credit: Temple)

£165, buy on

Antler Trolley laptop bag

laptop bag

(Image credit: Antler)

£139, buy on

Mulberry buckle travel bag

travel bag

(Image credit: Mulberry)

£1,295, buy on

Filson 24-hour leather trimmed canvas briefcase

canvas briefcase

(Image credit: Filson)

£345, buy on

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