The Protein Bar That Raises The Bar

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No matter how much effort you’re putting into your training, if you’re not backing up that work with a diet that matches your goals then you’re not going to see the results you want – whether that’s performance or body composition. Fortunately, supplying your body with one of the crucial nutrients it needs has never been easier thanks to Science In Sport’s PROTEIN20 bar, which has been carefully designed to provide exactly what’s required to support your training.

This starts with protein, which is a vital part of everyone’s diet because it provides your body with amino acids, which help to repair, maintain and build body tissue like muscle. As you can imagine, this is even more important to someone who is training regularly, because protein will help to build the lean muscle many are looking for.

The protein intake requirement for a normally active person is around 0.75-1g per kilogram of bodyweight per day, but this jumps to 1.4-1.8g per kilo of bodyweight for people who are training regularly, whether that’s strength work in the gym, or endurance exercise like running and cycling.

For a 75kg adult that means eating 105-135g of protein per day, a pretty challenging target amount, and one that also needs to be spaced out because there’s a limit to the amount of protein you can absorb in one sitting. Science In Sport’s experts recommend consuming between 20g and 40g every three to four hours.

It’s also important to eat protein shortly after your workout, especially if you’re training more than once a day. However, eating a high-protein meal within 30 minutes of finishing a workout is not always possible, or indeed desirable – sitting down to a chicken dinner a quarter of an hour after an intense session can be as hard as the training itself. A PROTEIN20 bar, which as the name suggests contains 20g of protein, is great to have to hand instead to kick-start your body’s recovery straight after a workout.

Bars like PROTEIN20 also make for a great snack throughout the day, because the high protein content has the added benefit of filling you up. While a chocolate bar or bag of crisps will satisfy your rumbling stomach for half an hour or so before you head back to the snack cupboard, a PROTEIN20 bar will keep you sated until your next meal.

PROTEIN20 bars are also extremely low in sugar at just 0.6g per bar in the Double Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate Peanut Crunch flavours, and 2g per bar for the Vanilla Cheesecake flavour. If you’re looking for a simple way to ensure your body is getting what it needs to build strong, lean muscle mass, a PROTEIN20 bar is the ideal choice. Stow one in your bag for the perfect post-workout treat, and load up your snack drawer with them instead of biscuits to hit your nutritional targets and satisfy those between-meal hunger pangs in a healthy way.

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