Get Smart With Your Protein

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Would you rather pay £18.99 for your high-grade protein isolate or £6.79? Sounds like a pretty easy decision, right?

With a Smart Protein membership, you can bag up to 80% off on your protein and supplements. It’s the disruptor offering premium sports nutrition supplements without the premium price tag.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, enjoy group fitness classes, or like to exercise outside for your mental health, the right supplements can help support your efforts. However, finding fitness and wellness products that not only match your healthy habits but are affordable is a challenge.

Smart Protein cuts out the unnecessary brand expenses. It gives members direct access to the very best sports nutrition formulas globally without big brand mark-ups or celebrity endorsements. Smart Protein has gone as lean as possible to get the price as low as it can go. This means the bulk of its money (and therefore your money) goes into things like premium ingredients and product testing – Smart Protein’s house of experts includes nutritionists, scientists, and formulators. With this stripped back approach, you can get around £147 of products for only £36 – highlighting the difference between choosing a Smart Protein membership over buying items individually from brands.


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The core product on offer is PRO Isolate, a protein powder packed with 90% premium whey protein isolate, which contains 28g of protein per serving, is high in BCAA, low in sugar and fat, and which members can buy for just £6.79. Whey protein isolate is a staple of many gym bags, helping to rebuild and repair muscles after a tough workout.

Any regular protein taker knows that taste is really important and quite difficult to get right, especially if you’re buying one flavour at a time. Luckily Smart Protein PRO Isolate tastes great too, with flavours including Triple Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Strawberry n Cream and Natural Banana. If you love PRO Isolate but don’t have a membership, you can still buy it from Smart Protein at non-member industry prices. Smart Protein also plans to launch 130 premium sports nutrition products in the next year, with 40 of those landing before the end of 2020.


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We’ve all spent too many years paying far too much for health and fitness supplements, but you don’t need to accept this anymore. It’s 2020 – we can all access top quality protein, fitness supplements and wellbeing products at a fair price.

A monthly Smart Protein subscription gives you direct access to an impressive collection of straight-from-the-lab protein powders, keto shakes, protein bars, probiotics, and more. There are four membership tiers starting from just £5 a month, each one with a spending limit and joining bonus. So, depending on your monthly supplement stash needs, you can tailor your membership to meet those gains every month.

To start using and making the most of a Smart Protein membership, simply select your membership level and begin adding premium products to your cart up to your spend limit. If you don’t use up your spend limit in a month, it rolls over to the next.

Visit to join now from only £5 and use COACH promo code for a free Whey Isolate with any order.

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