Hugh Jackman Back And Biceps Workout – Thursday

Inverted row A
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The beauty of this back and biceps workout is that it won’t take very long, but you’ll still hit these two key muscle groups hard and force them to grow bigger and stronger so you can achieve a ripped and lean physique. Follow the instructions below, sticking to the sets and reps detailed, and ensure you keep to our form guides so that you perform every rep as effectively as possible to maximise your lean muscle growth.

For the supersets, complete all the reps of exercise A then move straight on to exercise B without resting.

Superset 1

1A Cable row


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Sets 4 Reps 10-12 (last set to failure) Rest 2 minutes between sets

Sit on the seat holding the handle with both hands and arms straight. Keep your chest up and brace your core. Row the handle in towards your chest, leading with your elbows and retracting your shoulder blades. Pause with the handle closest to you then slowly return to the start.

1B Bent-over dumbbell reverse flye


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Sets 4 Reps 10-12 (last set to failure) Rest 2min

Holding a light dumbbell in each hand, bend forward from the hips, but keep your chest up. Leading with your elbows, raise the weights out to the sides until they reach shoulder height. Slowly return to the start.

Superset 2

2A Hammer-grip weighted chin-up


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Sets 4 Reps 8 (last set to failure) Rest 0sec

Hang from a pull-up bar with your palms facing you and a dumbbell or weight plate secured to your person. Brace your core then pull yourself up, keeping your chest up, until your chin is over the bar. Slowly lower until your arms are fully straight.

2B EZ-bar curl


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Sets 4 Reps 8 (last set to failure) Rest 2min

Hold an EZ-bar with an underhand grip. Keeping your elbows tight to your sides and your chest up, curl the bar up towards your chest, ensuring your biceps are in full control of moving the weight. Pause at the top, squeeze your biceps hard, then slowly return to the start.

3 Inverted row


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Sets 2 Reps To failure Rest 1min

Lie on your back in the middle of a Smith machine with the bar secured off the ground. Grip the bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip and tense your entire body. Pull yourself up until your chest touches the bar, then slowly return to the start.

Cardio: Exercise bike intervals

Time 20 minutes

Start by cycling at a steady pace for five minutes. Pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then pedal more slowly to recover for two minutes. Repeat this pattern for the remaining 15 minutes.

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