Big Biceps Workout

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1 Rowing machine

Why Start with five to ten minutes on a rowing machine. This will warm up all your muscles, including your biceps, back and core, so you will be ready for your workout and less likely to suffer strains.

How Keep your back straight and your core engaged. Start the row by pushing with your legs and draw the handle into your abdomen


chin up

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Sets 2 Reps 5-10

Why Chin-ups will target your biceps with support from other muscle groups such as your back. It will also fire up your body’s muscle-growing hormones. If you can’t do ten chin-ups, do as many as you can manage.

How Grasp the bar with an underhand grip and pull up until your chin is over the bar. Lower slowly without swinging.

3 EZ-bar biceps curl

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Sets 4 Reps 8-10

Why This is where you pile the weight onto your biceps for maximum muscle growth. The EZ-bar allows you to use heavy weights and the shape of the bar places your hands at an angle that doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your wrists or elbows.

How Keep your back upright and your elbows tucked into your sides as you raise the bar. Take three seconds to lower the bar to the start. Use your full range of motion and don’t rock your body for momentum.

4 Unilateral preacher curls

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Sets 2 Reps 10-12 each arm

Why To finish, this move will isolate your biceps to take them to absolute exhaustion. By using dumb-bells and the preacher bench, your biceps get the minimum assistance from other muscle groups.

How Tuck the top of the pad beneath your armpit. Keep your upper arm pressed against the pad and use your full range of motion for the curl.

5 Biceps stretch

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Why After your workout, do a few minutes of light exercise to help flush the lactic acid out of your muscles, then stretch your biceps to help them recover.

How Press your arms out to the sides and turn your thumbs downwards to feel the stretch in your biceps.

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