4 rules for meeting women during the day

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Kezia Noble (pictured) is a leading female dating coach for men and author of The Noble Art of Seducing Women. She was nice enough to share some of her knowledge for the good of men everywhere. 

There are countless opportunities to meet women in daytime scenarios – coffee shops, shopping centres, parks, book shops – and men miss out on all of them. That’s because most of you are under the impression that approaching a woman outside of a nightclub or bar environment is creepy or intrusive. Wrong! Just follow these four rules for daytime interaction, and you might be able to stop relying on noisy clubs and drunken atmospheres to get results with women

1. Don’t hover

When you see a girl you like, don’t orbit her space like a lost Soviet satellite – this will creep her out. It conveys a lack of confidence and a sense that you’re a lurker who spends his days looking for lone women. You need to make the moment feel completely spontaneous. Give her the impression that you’ve never done anything like this before – this adds a more exciting and playful feel to the interaction.

2. Add a false time constraint

Always tell the girl that you ‘only have five minutes’ before you have to go back to work or meet your friends. (This does not have to be true.) It takes the pressure off both her and the moment and, again, adds to the feeling of spontaneity. Her beauty or her energy distracted you from your plans – but only temporarily, not in an ‘I’m going to be obsessed with you’ way.

3. Keep the compliment clean but detailed

Direct and sexually overt compliments are way too much for the daytime. Replace them with clean but confidently executed flattery such as, ‘You look like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn’ or ‘I love your style, it’s really elegant’ . The more personal and tailored to her your compliments are, the better. These work a lot better in daylight than they would in a late-night bar when everyone knows the main aim is getting laid.

4. Use the line ‘This is so random’

This is the first thing you should say to her, and the last thing you say to her before getting her number or arranging a date. It will make her think that something about her is compelling enough for you to do something out of the ordinary. It all adds to the excitement of the moment, which means she’s more likely to agree to your suggested next move.

Remember, women love to have a cool story to share with their friends about how they met a guy. Meeting a guy in a store or a café when they were least expecting it will always be far better than a story that involves a nightclub or a noisy bar. 

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Kezia Noble