4 tips for buying lingerie this Christmas

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If you judge your girlfriends bust size by whether or not they’re a handful, and if the only Brazilian you know of is a footballer, you might need a helping hand this Xmas. Lingerie specialists Tutti Rouge have given us their top tips to ensure you make the right purchase both for you and your better half this Christmas.

1. It’s ok to have a quick rummage through her lingerie drawer

Don’t try to guess her bra size or embarrass yourself and the cashier by air grabbing her bust mid-conversation. Take a look through your partners lingerie drawer and check the labels on the inside of her bras to see what size she wears. Be sure to check more than one bra as different styles can often come up in different sizes. The most common size that you find is likely to be the correct one. But make sure you leave it how you found it, you wouldn’t want to give the game away.

2. Understand her style

Take a good look at the lovely lady before you, note down the colours she wears, the styles she likes – does she keep things simple or does she like a little bling? A good understanding of your girlfriend’s style will put you in good stead when treating her to a set of lingerie! It’s a good chance for you to prove that you do pay attention to what she likes and the purchase isn’t just for you. 

Don't have anyone to buy lingerie for? Here's how to ensure your Christmas flirting doesn't go to waste. 

3. Think outside the box

Often it is very easy to slip into the saucy red lingerie cliché at Christmas. Try going for something different, and remember that it doesn’t always have to be the traditional bra and French knickers, there are plenty of interesting variations to lingerie that are just as sexy. 

4. It is ok if she likes a ‘Bridget knicker’

When gift buying, you always want the recipient to love it! The world of knickers has evolved since the 90’s and women like a little more coverage, lace and sass! If you know your lady prefers the big knicker, opt for a short or brief to match her bra – just because it is big doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. There are plenty of playful shortie styles, sheer back briefs and all over lace shorts, which are a little more tempting for you and definitely more comfortable for her.

If you're unsure is she is a definitive thong or short lady, why not opt for a Brazilian brief – the super sexy style sits deliciously on her derriere with beautiful lace detailing.


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