8 Pop Songs it's Totally Fine for Grown Men to Listen to

(Image credit: Unknown)

TELEPHONE by Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé (2009) 

Coach says: Gaga’s 2009 album The Fame Monster was something of a feast of campness, but “Telephone” was easily the standout Fruit Pastille in a bowl full of Chewits. Even the sternest of killjoys can’t resist feeling a twinge of sass when this bad boy gets going.  

We found a fan: 26-year-old Gavin from Peterborough manages a gym for a living, and isn’t normally one for dancing. But, he confesses, “If I’m out in a club and ‘Telephone’ comes on, I can't help throwing some shapes. And I do enjoy lip-syncing Beyoncé’s bit.”

KISS FROM A ROSE by Seal (1994) 

Coach says: This old-school ballad is so silky smooth it’s like having a bar of Galaxy poured in your ear, and will make you feel all sappy for that special someone in your life. If it helps, it also featured on the soundtrack to Batman Forever – and Batman is hard as nails. Isn’t he?  

We found a fan: “Every time this song comes on Magic FM at work, I start to think about my girlfriend and picture myself serenading her like Christian Grey, or someone,” says Elliot, 28, an accountant from Kent.

ANGELS by Robbie Williams (1997)  

Coach says: Sometimes you need a reminder that lady-folk are just brilliant – and that reminder often comes at 1am on the dancefloor of a wedding, tie around your head, singing your little heart out with Robbie and all your man-pals.  

We found a fan: “I”m not sure it’s a wet song,” says 28-year-old Ian from south London, “but it’s definitely damp. And it’s best enjoyed when drunk.” 

RESPECT by Aretha Franklin (1967) 

Coach says: Pure sass on a plate, and extra brownie points if you recognise it popping up in the film Bridget Jones's Diary. You’ll struggle not to feel like a million dollars when this R&B number kicks in.   

We found a fan: Simon, a 28-year-old from Yorkshire says, “At a time when America was still deeply segregated, here was a black woman not asking for, but demanding respect. If that doesn't make this song extra awesome, I don’t know what does.” 

BULLETPROOF by La Roux (2009)  

Coach says: In 2009 everyone and their mum was dabbling in fruity electropop, but La Roux’s debut album was the standout pop pièce de résistance. “Bulletproof” is an up-tempo track to get even the most testosterone-filled toes a-tapping. 

We found a fan: “If this comes on my iTunes I instantly feel electrified when I hear that synth kick in... no matter how bad my mood, it just cheers me up,” confesses Jimmy, a carpenter from Leeds. 

DANCING QUEEN by Abba (1976)  

Coach says: Don’t pretend you didn't feel a warm glow when this came on the telly last Christmas during Mamma Mia! on ITV2 (your mum was watching it, right?). Perhaps it was that third glass of advocaat, perhaps it was Pierce Brosnan’s eyes, but whatever it was – you felt fabulously festive after hearing this classic.  

We found a fan: Pete says: “I'm a 38-year-old farmer from Norfolk, but I don’t mind admitting that I fill up a little bit when I hear ‘Dancing Queen’. It's just so uplifting.” 

AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME by Backstreet Boys (1997) 

Coach says: There’s a reason this remains Backstreet Boys’ biggest-selling anthem: it’s bloody brilliant. It's the sort of uplifting ballad best sung down the phone to your girlfriend when you’re on a stag do.  

We found a fan: “I love this song. When I was at uni I used to have a ‘sex mix’ ready to play if I ever brought a girl back, and this was always a killer,” says 29-year-old Greg from Wakefield. 

NOTHING COMPARES 2 U by Sinéad O’Connor (1990) 

Coach says: “Oh, don’t mind me, I've just been chopping onions,” you say, as O’Connor pours her heart out. It’s a real tearjerker, and one so full of raw emotion that it’s almost brutal. 

We found a fan: “I only have to hear the opening line and I feel my heart swell a bit and the hairs stand up on my neck,” says James, 27, who’s in the RAF.