7 Awesome Film Locations in London You Need to Visit This Weekend

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The Blind Beggar

Recently seen in the Krays biopic Legend, starring Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy, this typical East End pub is a great place to sink a pint or three as you imagine all the nefarious schemes planned within its wood-panelled walls. And to combat that hangover next morning, head to E Pellicci’s café (332 Bethnal Green Road), another authentic Krays haunt that also appears in Legend.

337 Whitechapel Road, Bethnal Green, E1

64 Coleherne Road

Pull your best “I used to be a werewolf but I'm alright now-oooo” face for a pic outside this impressive Victorian terrace, wherein An American Werewolf In London’s David Kessler (David Naughton) undergoes his jaw-dropping transformation into a lupine man-monster of the night.

Earls Court, SW10

Meat People

As you can guess from its name, this cool North London eatery is a Mecca for committed carnivores – but back in the day it was used as the main hang-out spot for the rowdy mod yoofs of Quadrophenia. And as it’s a Grade II-listed building, it doesn’t look all that different in 2015 than it did back when Jimmy and co were running riot there.

4-6 Essex Road, Islington, N1

Vauxhall Cross

Art imitating life: the offices of M and Q in Bond outings GoldeneyeThe World Is Not Enough and Skyfall are, in fact, the actual headquarters of MI6. While a selfie with a Roger Moore-style raised eyebrow should be fine, you might want to stop short of waving a replica Walther PPK around.

85 Albert Embankment, SE1

The Salisbury

This grand old north London boozer guest-starred in The Long Good Friday as the Irish pub Fagan’s. But not only did it play a key role in the greatest British gangster film ever made, it’s also a worthy destination on its own merits, boasting the kind of ornate, labyrinthine, Grade II-listed interior that you just don't get with modern chain pubs.

1 Green Lanes, Harringay, N4

All Saints Church

In one of the most iconic (and, God help us, kind-of-hilarious) scenes in all of horror, this is where poor old Father Brennan (Doctor Who Patrick Troughton) is fatally impaled by a falling lightning rod in The Omen. No re-enacting the scene with a mop handle, though, or you’re going straight to hell. 

Bishop’s Avenue, Fulham, SW6

Crouch End Londis

Okay, so a mid-range grocery store isn't the most enticing of tourist attractions, but if you stride into this shop from 83 Nelson Road and then back again, you’ll have recreated Simon Pegg’s hilarious oblivious-to-the-apocalypse scene from Shaun Of The Dead. Don’t forget the squeaky slip on the puddle of blood.  

96 Weston Park Road, Crouch End, N8

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