7 Surprisingly Inspiring Steven Seagal Quotes to Help Get You Through the Week

(Image credit: unknown)

“This I’m trained for.” (Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, 1995)

Say it... When you’re about to do what you do best, whatever that might be. Things need doing, and it’s your time to shine.

“I'm gonna take you to the bank... to the blood bank!” (Hard To Kill, 1990)


Say it... At any given opportunity when dealing with finance. It’s a ridiculously stupid line, but muttering it under your breath can really dissolve the tension in a meeting about money.

“If I find out you’re lying, I’m gonna come back and kill you in your own kitchen.” (Above The Law, 1988)

Say it... Any time you know, or even suspect, someone’s leading you down the garden path and talking absolute balls at you. Don’t kill them though. That’s unprofessional at best.

“It ain’t over til the wolf howls.” (Shadow Man, 2006)


Say it... When things aren’t looking good - but things aren’t absolutely lost yet. Yeah, you haven’t heard back about that promotion, and your main rival seems awfully pally with your boss, but it ain’t over… not till the wolf howls.

“What am I, a shit magnet?” (Exit Wounds, 2001)

Say it... When grief just seems inexorably drawn to you, and whatever you do just seems to lead to more trouble, more stress and more work.

“For $350,000 I’ll fuck anything once.” (On Deadly Ground, 1994)


Say it... In those moments when you’re not at work because of what you can learn, or what you can experience, or what you can do – you’re there because they’re paying you and that’s that.

“If your daddy knew exactly how stupid you were, he’d trade you in for a pet monkey.” (Fire Down Below, 1997)

Say it... All too frequently. Have there always been this many stupid people about? Not just people who aren’t enormously intelligent – full-on stupid people? They’re everywhere. What’s happened?