Daredevil Season 2: 6 Things We Want to See

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2015’s Daredevil proved that superheroes could do TV as well as they could do the big screen. But that doesn’t mean we’re completely satisfied with it. Here’s what we want when Matt Murdock returns to Netflix on 18th March this year (watch the season two trailer below).

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The Punisher Wrecking Shop

For those not familiar with the Punisher’s work, he’s got what you might call a hardline stance on crims and their nefarious deeds. He doesn’t so much fight crime as hose it with bullets – in Garth Ennis’s landmark run on the Punisher Max comics, he makes one man spill his guts by, uh, winding said guts round a tree. Considering how many lines Daredevil crossed in season one, he may make Murdock realise he needs a moral code. Whatever the plot, all we ask is a charming scene showing the Punisher at his most merciless. A one-take, 15-minute-long action scene with him cutting loose should be just right… Right?

More Sexy Wilson Fisk


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Previously Fisk has been imagined as a single-minded and obese crime-lord. However, the new show took a different tack and painted the Kingpin in shades of grey, a man who saw the city as broken beyond repair. And, aside from a teensy bout of brutally murdering someone by repeatedly slamming his head in a car door, he managed to be, err, worryingly sexy as he did it. We want more and we’re not afraid to admit it.

A Better Costume


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After watching Daredevil dressed as a ninja for most the series, the costume reveal was a bit disappointing. What was with all those straps? Luckily it seems Murdock (or the costume designers, whatever) has been back to the drawing board. The new suit has been teased but if it’s not an improvement we’re not happy. Considering it was one of the few things that the 2003 film got right, it can’t be that hard.

Elektra to be Badass

Elektra to be Badass

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Elektra and Daredevil have an intimate history in the comic books (let’s just pretend that 2005 film – with Jennifer Garner, above – didn’t happen) but unless their chemistry on screen is exciting, it could drag the programme down. Wait, what are we doing talking about chemistry? She’s a kickass ninja so we want – nay, demand – a serious amount of screen time showing her flinging her trademark sai through Russian mobsters.

More of the Expanded Universe

a Girl

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Sure, season one needed to build Daredevil as a character and stuffing it with cameos would probably have weakened the programme, but aside from a few references to the Avengers battle in New York it could have operated in a bubble. Isn’t about time Murdock clashes with Jessica Jones or Luke Cage? Or hell, have him chill with Spidey.



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It sounds like Daredevil is going to have his hands full with the Punisher but we assume they’ll eventually join forces, which is just as well as the Punisher would clearly win any serious conflict. (Full disclosure: Punisher fans here.) Anyway, while the Kingpin is a great character we’d love a real super-villain for Daredevil to focus on. Enter the villainous marksman, Bullseye, who can make a weapon out of literally anything. We know Jason Statham was originally linked to the part but it all fell through, presumably because Statham is a terrible shot with a paperclip. Hopefully the part itself wasn’t dropped with Statham, as Bullseye is Daredevil’s perfect foil.

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