What we Learned from Insta-Stalking the Baywatch Cast

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Whether or not you remember or care about the original Baywatch (your bluffer’s opinion: Bleeth was the discerning man’s alternative to Anderson), you need to be aware of the remake ASAP. For starters, The Rock is replacing The Hoff in the role of Mitch Buchanan, guaranteeing a spate of body-image opinion columns as everyone wonders why chest hair and a dadbod isn’t enough to save lives in the California surf any more. Secondly, it’s set to be the film where Zac Efron leaps from heart-throb to man-crush, using the comedy chops he’s been honing recently as dreamy Matt Brody. And thirdly, the entire cast are providing an object lesson in how to have fun and get jacked, via the magic of social media. Here's what we’ve learned from them this week.

Being Competitive Works

Could you best Dwayne Johnson in a contest that involved the flipping of tyres? Don’t be ridiculous: the man trains six days a week, eats more fish than a small family of leopard seals and once beat Hulk Hogan in a fight. At the same time, just competing against him would definitely spur you to better efforts… which is sort of the point of training in the first place. Good work, Efron.

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Yoga Isn’t So Bad

If only one good thing has happened to us this week, it was discovering Alexandra Daddario’s Twitter feed: your new Summer Quinn maintains mass by eating buttered bread, favours macaroons dipped in chocolate mousse and, apparently, really likes resveratrol. More importantly, she also does yoga: correlation and not causation and all that, but it hasn’t hurt our estimation of vinyasa any.

Everyone Should Do More Pull-Ups

Again: you never know when you’ll be called on to test your mettle against The Rock, but more importantly, they activate your abs better than crunches – according to actual science. Is that why Efron’s suddenly in paparazzi-baitingly good shape? It’s impossible to say, but doing a couple of sets of five every time you pass a pull-up bar/tree branch/overhanging set of stairs certainly won’t hurt.

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It’s Time To Get A Dog

Fun fact: everyday stress floods your body with the hormone cortisol, which triggers the storage of fat on your stomach, but oxytocin – which is released when patting dogs – keeps it at bay. Is that why Johnson is so impossibly lean? Let’s be honest, no, but just look at that face! Who’s a good boy? WHO’S A GOOD BOY?

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(Image credit: Unknown)
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