April Fools’ Or Fitness Fads – You Decide

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1. We Should All Eat Avocado Stones

Apparently, we’ve all been discarding the most nutritious part of everyone’s favourite fatty fruit. A video showing how to prepare the seed and make it less tooth-breakingly hard has gone viral with 26million+ views on Facebook alone. 

2. Trampolines Are The New Office Treadmill

Mini trampolines combined with standing desks will be a common sight by the end of 2016 – getting your heart rate up without the impact of a treadmill’s hard surface. The JumpOffice equipment is currently being trialed by Berkshire based company Promote.

3. Seagull Poo Is The Future Of Skincare

Rich in sea minerals and antioxidants, a new deep cleansing mask has been developed by a British company called The Beauty Outlet. Lab tests have even shown its high earth salts content could make it the perfect cure for mild eczema.

4. Lose Weight By… Wearing Sunglasses

Diets not working? It’s time to alter the way you see food. Literally. Wear blue-tinted lenses and you’ll eat less, making it harder to pile on the pounds. It works because humans evolved to avoid blue food as it could be rancid.

5. Literal Personal Trainers

With in-built speakers and motion trackers your shoes will soon guide you through sessions. The craziest features? Locking laces mean you can’t take them off until a calorie target has been hit, while a projector on the toe end displays your workout on the wall.

6. Horses Hold The Secret To Optimum Fitness

Have you ever seen an out of shape horse? Neither has the creator of Prancercise, a full-body equine-inspired workout that promises to be ‘the most satisfying, holistic and successful fitness programme one could hope to experience.’ 

7. Burn Calories While Consuming Them

Coming hot on the skinny heels of an emerging New York trend called ‘active dining’, two new venues – Spin & Gin and Dates With Weights – are due to launch in London this summer, making nights out less of a menace to your waistline.


  1. Fad: The video’s real, but the health claim’s dubious. The woman who posted it has since added a disclaimer that she has no real idea what she’s talking about.
  2. Fool: Tea and coffee related burns would far outweigh any health benefits. Oh yeah, that and it would be ridiculous.
  3. Fool: Not rubbing excrement of any kind on your face is generally a good rule to live by.
  4. Fad: A Japanese company began selling these in 2012 for $18.95. However, the most recent study into colour and appetite found red, not blue, encourages us to eat less. 
  5. Fool: After claiming to introduce workout carriages in trains last year, Virgin Active are at it again with this far-fetched fitness fantasy.
  6. Fad: We’re so glad to report that this one’s for real, mostly because we get to share this incredible promotional video with you.
  7. Fool: A company called HospitalityGem dreamed up this one. But hang on a second, are we the only ones who think Spin & Gin could actually work?!
Max Anderton

Max was the head of digital content for Men's Fitness which worked alongside Coach between 2015 and 2019.