Four iOS Games to Brighten Your Commute

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Summer Sports

Now that the Olympics and Paralympics are over, there’s a giant athletics gap in your life, but a funky little mobile game has stepped up to the plate to fill it for you. Ketchapp Summer Sports is a simple yet extremely addictive game involving nothing more than a finger and an accompanying ability to tap it. Using this easy method of play, you can guide your little athlete through various disciplines, including the 100m sprint, long jump, javelin and triple jump. It’s colourful, involves a surprising level of skill, and due to its continuous gameplay, is a giant, massive and ridiculous waste of time. Available on iOS and Android

The Tale Of Doris and The Dragon


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It’s hard to review a game when you have to keep turning it off because you get too upset, but for those of you with a harder resolve, this is a fantastic adventure to while away the hours. You play as an old lady who has recently died (see? It’s sad), as you navigate around a strange world – presumably a sort of purgatory – with the help of a dragon who works in the admin department of said land. It has the look and feel of an old Maniac Mansion-style point-and-click adventure: lovely stuff. £2.99, available on iOS and Android



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Is the mark of a good game how much you want to hurl your phone out of a moving train while playing it? If the answer is yes, then this game is up there with the best. Joining the hallowed halls of other supremely addictive games such as Flappy Bird and Candy Crush, this cute puzzler enables you to take control of a hungry creature on its twisty-turny journey to eat as much food as possible without getting stuck. But it will get stuck. You will get stuck. It’s frustrating, but the urge to beat each level is highly consuming – Tube journeys will never have gone quicker. Free, available for iOSAndroid and Windows

Tap My Katamari


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The Katamari series is a nonsensical, insane collection of possibly pointless games in which you control a “thing” that has to push a sticky ball around while collecting various objects that become glued to it. That’s essentially the crux of it, and if you think that sounds stupid, then you are right. However, it’s also highly addictive and extremely pleasing on the eye and mind. And now you can play it on your phone. The control system involves tapping the screen as fast as you can to push the ball, and that’s it. Seriously, just play it, it’s SO addictive (and it’s free). Available on iOS and Android

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